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algoritmos de reconocimiento facial y aplicación 2016-05-27

1. The face recognition technology details

Generally, the facial recognition system includes image collection, face location, image preprocessing and recognition . System get features of face, and code them into data on basis of facial recognition algorithm, then compare coded data with system database for verifying.

Facial scanning clocking systems

The current face recognition algorithms can be classified as follows:
(1) MMP-PCA recognition algorithms
(2) Feature-based recognition algorithms
(3) Appearance-based recognition algorithms
(4) Template-based recognition algorithms
(5) Recognition algorithms using neural network

2. The face recognition application
(1) Criminal Investigation detection
Detecting target information from the database of the facial recognition system.
For example, install this system in airport or station to arrest the fugitives.
(2) Biometric Attendance
Comparing employee features with face templates in database of Facial scanning clocking systems, and record the attendance information, then calculate report at end of month.
(2) Access Controls
Identify the identity by user face, who want to entered the secured area.
(3) Camera Surveillance System
Monitor the crowd in public places, in order to achieve the purpose of identification.
Such as monitoring systems at airports to prevent terrorists from boarding.
(4) Network Applications
Face recognition plays an auxiliary role for credit card online payment, in order to
prevent non-credit card owners use credit cards.

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